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1/? 500x500 gifs of free! es

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"I am here right now, because everyone was there for me.”
url memezeetsubou. ♡
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"B-but…Hide…Hide w-will know th-that I’m…that I’m a…!"  expectation vs. reality.

"you’re a monster" / "all this time…you’ve had to suffer like this."
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why doesn’t anywhere sell normal clothes for women? like i want a plain black fuckin sweater not a mohair cross stitch embroidered cropped asymmetrical slouch longline short sleeved drop hem thing with a hole in the back 

Haruka’s perfect body (◡‿◡✿)

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so we need to talk about just how thirsty tsukiyama is in chapter 79

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Unlike demons, you harbor a complicated malice, you lie. You struggle desperately, knocking down others on your way. You steal and are stolen from, you make endless excuses. And still you strive to get over the hill and far away. I suppose that’s why humans are so interesting.
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Inspector Akane Tsunemori ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

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Uh, so, my school have big sakura tree! You understand? Sakura… cherry blossom? Sakura… 

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ACWNR - bullshit fuckign animation (x)
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